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Coaching is often perceived as a high-value solution to support senior leaders but imagine the impact it could have on your future leaders to give their careers a real springboard.

Creating a safe space for your emerging leaders, high-potential talent, specialists and those transitioning to new roles to work through critical decisions and navigate complexity will unlock their full potential, accelerate their performance and generate macro-effects across your organisation.

And all this is far more accessible than you might realise – Accelerate is a suite of virtual coaching packages that offer impactful, scalable and cost-effective tailored development for all.

Features of Accelerate

  • One-to-one coaching for high-potential talent delivered by experienced and qualified coaches
  • Each package focuses on a discrete target area of development
  • Personalised structured, guided learning on the package topic
  • Sessions are delivered virtually through a platform of your choosing
  • All coaching is delivered in the language requested by the coachee

Our packages

  • Leading in uncertain times
    Enabling coachees to maintain their focus and leadership in periods of uncertainty.
  • Becoming a leader
    Increasing the coachee’s awareness of their role as a leader, both ‘being’ and ‘doing’; can be used for first-time leaders and for established line managers who need to move from management to leadership.
  • Leading and managing change
    Focusing on the wider impacts of change, this package will help the coachee to adapt their own behaviour and successfully lead themselves and others through a period of change.
  • Creating impact
    Enabling the coachee to develop their personal and leadership presence and increase their impact in a range of situations.
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion
    Aimed at helping coachees to recognise the benefits a diverse workforce can bring to their organisation and how they can lead and sustain any change that may be needed to support a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive working environment.
  • Transitioning
    Use our transition framework to support the coachee in understanding how to use their strengths and develop new skills to support transition into a new role or returning to work after an absence of any kind.
  • Leading high-performing teams
    Helping leaders to identify and maximise the characteristics of a high-performing team which will create the conditions for success. This package may be good as a “next step” for those who have already completed Becoming a leader.
  • Evolve and grow
    Aimed at key players who, whilst competent in their current role, want a step change in their performance for future development.
  • Women at work
    Helps women in leading roles recognise when and where they are at their best and how they may hold themselves back. Provides effective tools and strategies to maximise performance in their current environment.
  • Free-form
    This is a package free from prescribed topics and the coaching will be defined as needed.

How do the Accelerate packages work?

How an Accelerate coaching package works

Each package includes

  • Focus on a key area of development including pre-work and supporting toolkit
  • Personal objectives agreed by the coachee to provide tailored focus within the specific package; progress is measured against these
  • Four structured coaching sessions to build up skills, experiment with new tools and techniques and provide significant performance improvement
  • Between-session activity to build practice and self-sustained learning
  • Coaching provided by an expert and experienced coach
  • Virtual delivery globally (no travel costs) with the coachee accessing a coach in their time zone and preferred language
  • Online evaluation measuring impact against personal objectives
  • For cohorts of 10 or more, we provide a tracker so you can see how your coachees are progressing. We also identify composite themes arising from the coaching and provide a full evaluation of results.

Who is Accelerate for?

  • Emerging leaders
  • Specialists
  • Identified “high potential” or “talent” populations
  • Transitioning employees moving across or up in the organisation
  • Individuals who need to step up
  • Managers who are leading change and uncertainty


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