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Five practical ways to introduce a coaching style of leadership into your organisation13 December 2017

Training your leaders to be coaches is a brilliant idea in theory: your employees will be better supported, and challenges and behaviours aired and addressed efficiently. In reality, this is seldom the case. 

Leaders as coaches – are they compatible roles or is there another way?23 November 2017

HRDs and CEOs regularly comment that ‘coaching their people’ is a key skill that their leaders need to improve and do more of.  However, while coaching does have a significant impact on engagement and performance, traditional models and approaches to coaching aren’t always successful, or appropriate, for leaders to carry out.

The self-aware leader: using coaching to maximise the return on 360° investment for senior leaders15 October 2015

I was joined by a long-time colleague, Julie Havard, who has been a consultant and executive coach at The Oxford Group for 16 years. Julie works on a global scale, and supports me in managing relationships and in coaching projects.

8 Top Tips for Successful Coaching in Asia1 June 2015

With Asia’s accelerated market growth and its importance within the global economy, there is clearly a real need for leadership development and coaching programmes to ensure optimum employee engagement and productivity within these fast growing organisations. 

Are you mentorship material?30 September 2014

Mentoring is a process that provides medium-term, regular support that enhances an individual’s current performance and maximises their potential for the future.

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