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Three big ideas to influence your talent strategy – Part 3: Personal and organisational narratives28 June 2017

Just like actors in a play, employers now want to be part of a good story. They are not happy just watching stories unfold in front of them. Furthermore, employees want to decide which character they play and how they contribute to the story...

The Apprenticeship Levy - An Opportunity, Not a Tax4 May 2017

The Oxford Group is delighted to announce our approval onto the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. As a result, you can spend your apprenticeship levy on leadership and management learning journeys facilitated by Senior Consultants at The Oxford Group.

Felix Bramley, Business Development Manager, writes about how The Oxford Group is challenging the traditional perception of apprenticeships and how this can provide value for your organisation. He also provides a link to a great employer guide from our sister company ILM which includes everything you need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy.

Surviving and Thriving in the Gig Economy Part 2: New Approaches To Building Employee Engagement3 May 2017

The rapid changes and instability in our economic and political environment, the demise of job security, and technological advancements over the last thirty years have given rise to the new gig economy. Short-term contracts and holding multiple jobs at one time are almost the norm. In this new, fractured world of work employee engagement has become both more important, and more difficult to maintain.

The 5 Principles Behind Designing a Successful First Line Manager Development Programme18 April 2017

In today’s current economic climate, organisations face unprecedented challenges in order to remain competitive and relevant. Global uncertainty, disruptive technologies and unrivalled transparency (customers and employees rating sites) all contribute to the ever-changing workplace. First Line Managers (FLMs) need to adapt to this change quickly; but they can only do so with support from their superiors and suitable training. Without this, they and their organisation will underperform.

Change is inevitable – progress is not. (And neither have to be painful)3 March 2017

We all have to undergo changes in our lives; whether we like it or not.

Why you should define the competencies your staff need today and tomorrow9 February 2017

While it’s common for organisations to develop competency frameworks, often they are focussed on what people need to do their jobs today, and fail to go far enough to allow managers to recruit and develop talent who can help the organisation meet its objectives tomorrow.

How to build a First Line Manager programme that works28 July 2016

First Line Managers (FLMs) hold a key role in the organization, managing the majority of the organization’s staff and setting the standards for how things are done on a day-to-day basis.

CIPD November 2015 round-up11 November 2015

We have now returned to our offices after a successful CIPD conference in Manchester.

8 Top Tips for Successful Coaching in Asia1 June 2015

With Asia’s accelerated market growth and its importance within the global economy, there is clearly a real need for leadership development and coaching programmes to ensure optimum employee engagement and productivity within these fast growing organisations. 

Chunk It Down – Getting your message understood26 March 2015

Do you sometimes wonder why your team members don’t understand what you mean?  Do you say one thing and they act on something completely different?  Have you ever thought that sometimes this might be because of how you have communicated your message?

What I’ve learnt as a new First Line Manager28 November 2014

Guest blogger Marketing Manager, Katrina Strathearn, shares her experience of becoming a line manager for the first time. 

Say what you see… giving feedback in the moment22 August 2014

As a Line Manager, do you find it difficult to give feedback in the moment? Do you save it up for a weekly or monthly meeting? Do you wait until the twice yearly review? Or do you just never do it all?

4 ways to get global leadership & management training right25 April 2014

How do global organisations approach rolling-out leadership and management development programmes. Here are four points that will help you when planning your approach to a global leadership and management development programme.

The business savvy line manager11 April 2014

Practical Training Strategies to Retain Talent in Asia Pacific – Part 3: Providing Training in Business Acumen

Going…going…staying!14 March 2014

Practical Training Strategies to Retain Talent in Asia Pacific – Part 1: Developing Skills in Managing Performance

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