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French Lunch & Learns

For four weeks, The Oxford Group’s Wednesday lunchtimes have been filled with French conversations ranging from making crepes to taking business phone calls – otherwise known as Lunch & Learn! These four sessions were led by the French members of the office and colleagues were invited to come together during lunchtime to learn some French.

Emily Kendall, one of our Support Services Co-ordinators, came up with the idea after attending a French course and after pitching the concept to the French speakers within The Oxford Group, everyone was keen to get involved.

                                                                                                     Trying to explain how to make a quiche in French

                                                                    Trying to explain how to make a quiche in French can be quite complicated…

Together they discussed different topics that they thought might be interesting and useful for the non-French speakers to learn and planned four sessions to teach.

The sessions were great fun and after role plays of being in French restaurants, presenting French recipes, and ordering numerous amounts of French taxis, we all spilled out trying out our new vocabulary on colleagues that couldn’t attend the session.


                                                                                   Ordering a lovely meal in a French “restaurant”!

Everyone really enjoyed learning something new whilst having fun during their lunch break. It is fair to say that everyone got really stuck in and involved whether that was in the form of acting as a baker or asking for directions to the nearest supermarket!


                                                International Business Development Executive, Clément, in his very own boulangerie

A big thank you to Emily and the French team for putting together such fun and engaging lessons!

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