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The Power of Storytelling

Telling authentic and personal stories about your organisation is one of the most powerful tools you as a leader can use to drive and sustain employee engagement. This is because stories about your organisation help meet the emotional needs people have at work – to be secure, to belong, to be part of something meaningful, worthwhile and successful – in a way that facts, figures and logic never can.

As a leader, how often have you spoken to your team about sales, growth or profitability and wondered why everyone seemed so uninspired? Of course, sales and profit matter, but they’re rarely the reason most people get out of bed in the morning enthusiastic to come into work and do a great job. I remember one senior manager saying to us recently “When I think about the teams I watch or the music and bands I listen to, I support them because of how they make me feel; here at work all we get from our CEO is facts and logic and data and it just leaves me cold.”

The solution: telling stories that connect with people on a personal level with authenticity.

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