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CEO Insight - Coping with ‘more of the same’ and with ‘never the same again’? Part Two

Olivier Herold

11 August 2021

I reflected earlier this summer [Coping with 'more of the same' and with 'never the same again? Part One] on the organisational perspective and the questions for leaders around what sustainable, scalable businesses look like in the new market, given the level of uncertainty and unpredictability that organizations face.

That led me to consider how each of us individually live day-to-day either filling or emptying our resources.

I considered what “taking my own responsibility” means for me as a leader.  I don’t expect the answer to come from someone else in my working sphere, my colleagues, my company or, in the private sphere, from those close to me, because I am the only one who knows what fills or empties me.

So, here’s where I’m focusing to get practical about how I can be at my best as a leader in the current conditions: maybe this resonates for you too?

  • Listen to your body (and mind): recognizing my own needs, both physiological and emotional
  • Stop it!: translating that awareness into helpful actions, including stopping what’s not helpful. Sometimes non action is exactly what’s needed!
  • Do both: accepting and trusting that I can answer my needs while serving my organization too
  • Put on your own mask first (as we know from travelling by plane - remember those days? ): The more I take care of myself the better I am at adding value to the organization I work for and all communities I’m a part of
  • Adapt every day: The specific elements and combination of elements which fill me with energy (or empty me of energy) is very different every day  

So, coming back to the title: Coping with ‘more of the same’ and with ‘never the same again’, my “more of the same” is the process of “recognizing and translating …” and the never the same again is the combination of elements that fill me or empty me of energy. Personally, I feel that I am able to do that best, once I have clarified which outside influences, I accept to factor in my decisions, and which outside influences I consciously decide and take responsibility for not letting in.

Some days I will get a buzz from meeting a large group of my colleagues at the end of an already long day… other days that might drain me. In my experience, making that conscious choice and sharing my decision openly rarely if ever backfires with my colleagues.

Some days I invest long slots of time to connect, challenge, support and recognise colleagues and their work. The time together, the progress, the growth gives me a buzz… other days there just isn’t time or energy. On those days a very short slot, an email, or even just an SMS keeps us connected and shows that I know and care about what’s going on for my team(s).

If I am not well resourced as a leader, I have little to give. So, my current take on leadership resilience really gives some time and space for renewal. While the new landscapes are forming in and around our organisations, I invite you to create that for yourself! The people we lead need to see you as an individual, resourceful and well-resourced leader. Relaxed and energised leaders is what we need to lead inclusive, sustainable and scalable businesses.

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