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CEO Insight- Is the great resignation impacting you yet?

The Oxford Group

13 January 2022

Why building deep trust and creating a climate of psychological safety matters more than ever in building truly future-facing organisations.

The end of year holiday season, with Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, brings a natural reflection point for me, as it does for so many people across the world. The prospect of even a short break opens up a breather and invites a pause for thought.

Worldwide, this year has seen massive change across all sectors, as well as huge amounts of personal change. In the middle of all this, I realise I’ve been feeling good this month.

Seeing the awards, latest feedback and ROI data from our clients and our team touched me. It reminded me vividly how much difference it makes when we create the right conditions and strike the right balance between support and challenge. Also, it motivates me to dive even deeper into how we evolve our ways of working and free ourselves from habits that no longer serve our businesses.

We’re seeing great momentum with our clients to renew and deepen the meaning of ‘engagement’ and ‘performance’ to move to richer and more comprehensive ways of leading. I love the energy this brings and the opportunities it opens up to do even more to create inclusive, future-ready organisations.

At the same time, I’m very aware of the impact of 2020 and 2021 on people’s attitudes to work. As stories of The Great Resignation build, it’s clear that organisations definitely need to guard against complacency when it comes to staying a part of their people’s plans for the year ahead. (

Whether it’s our customers or our colleagues, it’s time to truly understand what they need from us as leaders and partners. What will create the conditions that keep them engaged and keep them feeling truly rewarded for their continuing relationship with our organisation?

As a leader, I’m more determined than ever to stay focused on creating those conditions. Here at The Oxford Group, we’ve been taking the building of trust and psychological safety seriously for more than 30 years. Alongside challenge and new thinking, trust and a safe work environment are fundamental parts of what creates great performance and an authentic experience for our clients and ourselves. Recent events have deepened that commitment and our conviction that creating the right climate massively influences the results of our work.

What’s coming up for you when you think ahead into 2022? As a leader, what do you want 2022 to hold for you and your organisation?’