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The Oxford Group - A City & Guilds Group Business

Covid-19 challenge & opportunity

The Oxford Group

12 March 2020

We are clearly living through an unprecedented moment in history on many fronts; it is a challenging time for all of us on a personal and professional level no matter where we are in the world which makes it even more important to stay connected and reactive.  

This fast-paced and fluid situation is affecting countries across the world at different rates, as national governments put in place contingency plans to contain the outbreak. As a multi-national organisation working with clients in over 60 countries, we are closely monitoring the global situation and putting in place global and local measures to support our people, our clients and our partners.   

Our people: We are focussing on the health and wellbeing of our people and their families. All of our people around the world already have the capacity to work from home and we are fully operational. We are keeping our people informed and updated on actions they can take to reduce the impact on themselves and others around them.

Our clients: We are committed to our purpose of helping people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth and now more than ever, we believe this is a vital role we can play. 

Our teams are actively connecting and exploring the best possible solutions to adapt scheduled work to the learning interventions our clients need right now substituting face-to-face for virtual.

In instances where we have scheduled programmes with our clients which cannot go ahead because of travel bans we are able to offer our consultants to support with other priority projects or to re-design content to deliver virtually.  

We also realise that the focus on learning, training and development continues to be a priority and we are working with many of our clients to convert current programmes into virtual designs and implementing new virtual programmes to support managers and leaders in managing their people and operations in this VUCA world.

Our business: We have an established business continuity process, supported by a dedicated crisis response team (CRT). The team has a strong understanding of the key processes and systems, and the needs of our people, clients and partners. Business continuity arrangements are managed in line with the latest local government and WHO advice. We are also shifting all face-to-face meetings and events to online events where possible, consequently, to stop all international travel for now. We are working closely with City & Guilds Group policies.

We are well placed to support our clients in this disruptive age, and we are excited by the opportunities and feel our purpose has never been so relevant in terms of developing engaging and trusted leaders and managers. 

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