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Impact: High intensity toolkit for managers- virtual showcase- January

Here at The Oxford Group we are delighted to launch- Impact: High intensity toolkit for managers. We have been working on developing this programme for over a year. Little did we know how much more relevant a truly blended learning experience, that can be delivered completely virtually, would be when we set off on the design journey.

We know that great business performance starts with great managers that is why we have created Impact as a unique blend of virtual learning experiences, designed to deliver the essential management skills for a changing world where a more agile approach to management development is required. 


Join us for this showcase session where we will share the design principles and elements that take Impact beyond the "cookie cutter" approach and ensures each participant follows an individual journey that will deliver real impact for them:

  • A flexible learner-centric approach- Enabling your managers to access the learning they need, when they need it.
  • Self assessment-  enables managers to create a flexible and personalised journey allow your managers to create a flexible learner
  • Social learning functionality- Creates connection and conversation across your management community.

  • Facilitated virtual HIIT sessions- Bringing content to life and encouraging managers to share experiences and challenges.

In this 1 hour interactive showcase we will:

  • Share the key design principles that support the challenges of todays managers
  • Showcase the learner experience platform (LXP) that powers just in time and individual learning journeys
  • Bring to life our virtual HIIT sessions

To join us please CLICK HERE to register.


Thursday 21 January 2021

16:00 - 17:00 GMT


1 hour