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Webinar postponed: Leading in a digital age

Please note: due to circumstances out of our control, this webinar has been postponed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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We are all being transformed by technology and for organisations this can present many opportunities and challenges. Our forthcoming webinar ‘Leading in a digital age’ will be focused on how your leaders can create the conditions for themselves and their organisations to thrive in these disruptive times. This is more than just about the “tech”, it is also about the people involved. We know the digital age presents new challenges for leaders, calling for new ways of thinking and operating.
We will cover:

  • Leaders understanding the context of digital transformation and the human implications
  • Getting in the right mindset
  • What needs to be different?
  • Leaders thinking and acting in new ways

This 60-minute presentation is focused on the key actions that leaders can take to make a difference in a fast paced changing world. The content is taken from our new Leading in a Digital Age programme, which was co-created with a selection of leading global organisations.
We will also be sharing key points from our latest white paper ‘Learning to become digital’.  An introduction to digital transformation that will help get you up to speed with the concepts and potential impact to your organisation, people and customer and most importantly how L&D can rise to the challenge of supporting this transformation.


Tuesday 14th April 2020

11:00am - 12:00pm