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Open Minds: An open space for senior HR/L&D professionals

When there’s so much to get to grips with and time and space are under huge pressure, we believe that taking a space to come together to share, learn and shape responses to an uncertain world has never been more important. With conditions changing day by day and with so many unknowns and new possibilities impacting life in organisations right now, Senior HR and L&D professionals face particular challenges and can really feel the need for sounding boards and for quality time and collaboration with others in similar positions. So we’ve created ‘Open Minds’ to offer you that space. 

  • A virtual collaborative space / thinking together community. 
  • A safe space to explore with colleagues what’s happening in your worlds, learn from each other’s experiences and shape your responses and future directions.  
  • Space to be heard, acknowledged and to share strategies and learning without risks.
  • A great blend of safety and stimulus from being with your peers. 
  • Senior HR and L&D professionals only
  • Content free, context rich – your contexts and the opportunity to share 
  • Participants can share in advance any topics or questions they want to work on with the group. 
  • Action learning light frame and an experienced Oxford Group facilitator to give a structure to the session
  • 60 minutes duration 
  • Sessions will be capped at a maximum 12 people per session

These sessions are complimentary. This peer group forum has been created specifically for senior HR and L&D professionals (Head of HR/L&D and above currently working within organisations), therefore we can only accept those within these positions to ensure that participants gain the full value from this forum. 

The next Open Minds session will run on:

7th July, 10-11am

To express your interest please fill in the form below.


Tuesday 7 July 2020

10:00 - 11:00 BST


One hour