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We are excited to announce the launch of our Women’s Leadership programme, Realise.

In the face of ongoing barriers to progression within organisations – often informal and implicit – this programme is designed to confront and address the specific challenges we know women experience enabling them to maximise their strengths and mobilise others to action to create more inclusive cultures within their organisations.

Women continue to be under-represented in positions of leadership, power and responsibility across industry sectors and countries despite the compelling evidence that organisations perform better when women are equally represented. Increasingly, businesses consider redressing gender imbalance at management level as a priority, both in terms of representation and female leaders having a tangible impact on the business.

Realise women’s leadership programme launches

Caroline Taylor, Global Head of Talent Management at The Oxford Group comments: “Realise: Women’s Leadership programme is a shift away from programmes that perpetuate the idea that women need to adapt to fit into organisational structures and are in some way at fault.

“Instead, our programme focuses on breaking down social conditioning and reshaping habits so we are all able to show up differently and work together. By involving the wider organisation in the programme, we identify and take action on what needs to change to create more inclusive spaces where everyone can flourish.”

The programme, developed using the latest research in leadership, neuroscience and embodied learning, weaves together digital content, Live Labs, social collaboration, habit changing toolkits, embodied practices, and organisational engagement and inquiry. We build a trusting learning environment
encouraging learners to share their experiences and build connections with other participants and their wider network.

Taylor continues: “As part of the City and Guilds Group, we are able to draw on expertise from across the organisation, with the programme being a collaborative offering from our corporate learning division.

“With The Oxford Group’s 35 years of global leadership experience combined with our digital excellence across a wide range of international markets, this programme brings together insights from our global business to develop a collaborative, social approach to learning.”