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Redefining the role of leaders

We’re living through an age of digital, global and organisational disruption and innovation. Customer and employee expectations are changing, new challengers and collaborators are constantly emerging, there’s exponential growth in data and new business models are appearing at a lightning-quick rate.

Our digital age has disrupted organisations, transformed ways of working and made dealing with the unexpected routine. But are your leaders prepared?

Our Leading in a digital age programme offers leaders a workable route to develop the way they think, act, behave and connect in extraordinary times.

Why Leading in a digital age?

We can deliver our Leading in a Digital Age programme in a format that suits you.

  • This three-part course includes a live workshop session to tackle real-life challenges as well as access to an online social learning platform to explore themes further and embed learning
  • Gives leaders the time, space, tools and collaboration opportunities to adapt and enhance their own approach
  • Offers simple, practical options for a complicated world
  • Recognises that people, relationships, authenticity and humanity are at the heart of successful leadership in this age

A fully immersive and blended journey

Delivered over three modules, Leading in a digital age immerses participants in the theory of leading in a digital world whilst giving opportunities to apply those techniques to their current challenges in a live workshop situation.

Module 1 – All about disruption

Leaders are now operating in a context of perpetual revolution. They’re constantly challenged to think in fresh ways about what this means for their customers, their organisations and their employees.

Accessed via our social learning platform, this module includes content (provided by digital specialists DEfactoEd) that gives participants an orientation into the themes of disruption as well as an understanding of the digital landscape and what it means for them. They will have a chance to hear the perspectives of companies like Unilever, BP, Centrica, Google and Uber on how they are navigating this world.

Module 2 – Developing and applying strategies

Participants learn and test strategies and techniques on real-life challenges in a live workshop setting.

Leading in this hugely high-change time, when there’s a digital core to almost everything, requires tremendous open-mindedness and the ability to cope with enormous speed, diversity and adaptability.

Module 3 – Embedding the learning

Leaders now need to be lifelong learners.

Designed to reinforce and recognise participants’ learning and progress through Modules 1 and 2, Module 3 offers a recap of the key programme content, as well as reflection tools, social learning, a 21-week workout to keep the learning fresh and evaluation of progress. This all makes sure the new habits and ways of working that participants gain from the programme are embedded and measured.

At the end of the programme participants will:

  • Be clear about why the digital age demands a transformation in leadership and what this means in practice for individuals who aspire to lead
  • Understand the leadership mindsets that make a difference in the digital age and how to adapt to and work with them
  • Have developed the skills, impact, habits and relationships needed to lead innovation and engage people and teams in a time of non-stop transformation
  • Have ignited their curiosity about what is possible: what action they can take, what ideas they can test, what experiments they can initiate, who they can work with and how they can keep learning?


This programme is delivered in three modules:

  • Modules one & three – digital learning
    Digital learning is accessed via The Oxford Group’s digital social learning platform
  • Module two – one-day workshop
    Facilitated by one of our consultants for up to 16 delegates.

Price for course: 8,000€ / £5,800 / $12,400

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