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24 October 2017: Ditch individual rewards and concentrate on the team
Published by: CEO Today

10 October 2017: Three ways to successfully lead an innovative team
Published by: Real Business

9 October 2017: Change is inevitable, but progress is not
Published by: Real Business

October 2017: Remote management: ensuring the team works
Published by: Natwest 

8 September 2017: How to conduct effective conversations at work
Published by: Real Business

4 September 2017: Showing genuine appreciation in the office; why it’s so important
Published by: Training Zone

1 September 2017: What key conversations do effective leaders have?
Published by: Training Zone

September 2017: It’s important to engage employees in today’s professional environment
Published by: Real Business

July 2017: Four Ways to Increase Innovation in the Workplace
Published by: Incentive & Motivation

25 July 2017: How to increase remote workers’ productivity
Published by: Business Zone

18 July 2017: The new languages of virtual working
Published by: TrainingZone

17 July 2017: The butterfly effect – how viral change can aid transformation
Published by: People Management

14 July 2017: Demystifying innovation in large organisations
Published by: TrainingZone

5 July 2017: The key to virtual working is having the right culture
Published by: We Are The City

4 July 2017: How to build trusting relationships in a virtual workforce
Published by: People Management

5 June 2017: Bring success through exceptional first line manager training
Published by: TrainingZone

1 June 2017: Four simple steps: how to hire the right person first time
Published by: Business Zone

1 June 2017: Six ways SMEs can avoid mistakes when recruiting
Published by: Real Business

1 June 2017: Three tips for managers to avoid a morale dip among a virtual workforce
Published by: We Are The City

May 2017: Stopping the churn (quote from Nigel Purse on Page 4)
Published buy Economia

25 May 2017: What should business leaders change to thrive in the gig economy?
Published by: TrainingZone

3 May 2017: The four keys to successful first line manager training
Published by: We Are The City

28 April 2017: Five reasons why HR software implementations fail
Published by: Personnel Today

18 April 2017: How to uncover tomorrow's leaders for success
Published by: We Are The City

7 April 2017: Four ways to reduce Brexit uncertainty and workplace anxiety
Published by: Business Advice

March 2017: How to cultivate effective management
Published by: People Management

27 March 2017: Getting employe engagement on your CEO's agenda: Create actionable steps
Published by: HR Zone

27 March 2017: Getting employe engagement on your CEO's agenda: Appeal to emotional triggers
Published by: HR Zone

27 March 2017: Getting employee engagement on your CEO's agenda: Presenting your case
Published by: HR Zone

16 March 2017: Millennials: How to Engage and Motivate
Published by: We Are The City

March 2017: Frogs on Logs
Published by: The HR Director

3 March 2017: Explained: How to ease Brexit uncertainty in the workplace
Published by: We Are The City

February 2017: Why changing a culture must start with changing behaviours
Published by: The Institute of Leadership and Management

15 February 2017: The real journey to making your organisation customer-centric
Published by: BusinessZone

13 February 2017:  Seven top tips for increasing employee motivation
Published by: We Are The City

9 February 2017:  7 Top Tips For Increasing Employee Motivation
Published by: Incentive & Motivation

27 January 2017: Identifying, communicating and reinforcing the right behaviours will boost customer experience
Published by: Real Business

25 January 2017: Follow Lego's footsteps in putting the customer first
Published by: Real Business

23 January 2017: The true journey to becoming customer-centric evolves a lot of drive and determination
Published by: Real Business

10 January 2017: Taking one for the team: why it’s time to ditch the dogma of individual rewards
Published by: HRZone

Jan / Feb 2017: Successul culture change requires a change in behaviours
Published by: The Hertfordshire Business Independent (P29)

January 2017: How Leaders Should Overcome Uncertainty Surrounding Brexit
Published by: Incentive & Motivation

6 January 2017: Tapping your CEO’s emotional triggers for employee engagement: Part 2
Published by: HC Online

30 December 2016: Positioning employee engagement on your CEO’s agenda: Part 1
Published by: HC Online

21 December 2016: Is your business trying to evoke a culture change? Start by altering behaviours
Published by: Real Business

19 December 2016: How to overcome employee uncertainty around Brexit
Published by: Business Advice

6 December 2016: Changing a culture starts with changing behaviours
Published by: Management.Issues

5 December 2016: The power of the 'soft' stuff
Published by: People Management

21 November 2016: Organisations need to reward the behaviour they want to see
Published by: People Management

16 November 2016: Get the most out of your First Line Managers!
Published by: TrainingZone

4 November 2016: The Oxford Group, Kineo and ILM Join Forces to Deliver a Brand New Approach to First Line Management Development
Published by: Personnel Today

November 2016: The Oxford Group, Kineo and ILM Join Forces to Deliver a Brand New Approach to First Line Management Development
Published by: We Are The City

November 2016: The Oxford Group, Kineo and ILM join forces to deliver a brand new approach to First Line Management Development
Published by: Personnel Today

July 2016:  Missing the nine-to-five?
Published by: The HR Director

July 2016:  5 Conversations has been included in a book competition with Executive Magazine
Published by:  Executive Magazine (P76)

18 April 2016: Oxford Group Leadership announcement
Published by: The Oxford Group

29 January 2016:  How do you build a trusting relationship at work through conversation?
Publisher:  Fresh Business Thinking

28 January 2016:  Make Plans with Nigel
Publisher:  The Sun Newspaper

27 January 2016:  Flexible working arrangements: Two key conversations for success
Publisher:  Fresh Business Thinking

25 January 2016:  Building trusting relationships through the art of conversation
Publisher:  Real Business

January 2016:  Are you on the right track for your future career?
Publisher:  Changing Careers (Pages 24-25)

18 January 2016:  EU 'snooping' ruling: it's about trust, not rights
Publisher:  HR Zone

15 January 2016:  How engaging in conversation can help you beat those Monday blues
Publisher:  ILM Insight

6 January 2016:  Why we need more conversation to improve our workforce
Publisher:  Fresh Business Thinking

4 January 2016:  A new paradigm for leadership?
Publisher:  HR Bullets

16 December 2015:  Five conversations you should have been having this year
Publisher:  The HR Director

15 December 2015:  5 conversations every leader should have with themselves in 2016
Published:  SME Insider

10 December 2015:  5 conversations every leader should have with themselves in 2016
Published:  Fresh Business Thinking

8 December 2015:  5 conversations every leader should have with themselves in 2016
Published:  Start Your Business

16 July 2015:  Effective Leaders’ 5 Critical Conversations
Published by:  Training Magazine

30 June 2015:  A new approach: Leadership IS relationship
Published by:  HRM Guide

1 April 2015:  What leaders can do to manage workplace stress
Published by:  TrainingZone

31 March 2015:  Respect your colleagues - or you could lose your job
Published by:  The HR Director

18 March 2015:  Why workplace stress needs a conversation
Published by:  HR Review

23 February 2015:  Why Conversation Could be the Key to Beating Stress
Published by:

4 February 2015:  The Oxford Group is acquired by the City & Guilds Group
Published by:  City & Guilds Group

January 2015: Building trusting relationships through the Art of Conversation
Published by:  International Coaching News

23 January 2015:  5 Tips to Turn Your Job into What You Want
Published by:

9 January 2015:  Has Technology Replaced the Art of Conversation?
Published by:  Fresh Business Thinking Magazine Online

5 January 2015:  How to thrust internal talent into the spotlight
Published by:  HR Review

December 2014:  Trust in leadership is a global HR priority
Published by:  Purely Global

3 December 2014:  Talent development: key questions to ask employees about their ambitions
Published by:  Personnel Today

December 2014:  5 Conversations Book Review
Published by:  People Management Magazine

21 November 2014:  5 Conversations to Transform Trust and Engagement at Work
Published by:  Suzi Pomerantz Blog

20 November 2014:  Why genuine appreciation will have employees singing your praises?
Published by:  CEO World

17 November 2014:  Line managers: the art of conversation
Published by: Flexible Boss

14 November 2014:  Challenging Unhelpful Behavior with the Art of Conversation
Published by:  Library of Professional Coaching

14 October 2014:  Engaging through powerful, authentic conversations
Published by:  HR Zone

News release - 4 February 2014:
David MacLeod webinars to discuss employee engagement whys and hows

News release - 3 February 2014:
New programme tackles Asia’s employee engagement crisis with the power of conversations

22 January 2014:  Five ways to get line managers talking
Published by: Personnel Today

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Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 receive over 100 applications

Delivered by the City & Guilds Group, the Princess Royal Training Awards are a unique opportunity to showcase your commitment to developing your people in order to grow your business. Open to any UK organisation, regardless of size or sector, the Awards are free to enter.

The City & Guilds Group is delighted to announce that the Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 received over 100 applications when entries closed on 31 March.

Applications came from a very diverse range of employers, all hoping to achieve the standard of excellence. This year’s entries include high-tech engineering firms, household brands, public and voluntary sector institutions as well as a growing number of small employers and education providers.

Applications will now be reviewed by the Princess Royal Training Awards’ assessment team, who will carefully select the best applications and invite them to host a validation visit between May and June. All unsuccessful applicants will receive a feedback report on their application.

Now in the second year, the Princess Royal Training Awards recognise organisations who successfully link their skills development needs to improved business performance. For more information about the Awards and to register your interest for 2018, visit

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