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Introducing GameShift, our new specialist partner

The Oxford Group is delighted to announce our new specialist partnership with GameShift, a collaborative hub of highly-experienced consultants, facilitators and provocateurs, focused on catalysing strategic action and developing strategic leadership in a turbulent world.

GameShift has been listed in FT’s top management consultants list for 2018, nominated by peers and clients. This is a tremendous achievement for a small niche consultancy and speaks volumes about the unique contribution they will bring to our clients alongside our team.

The Oxford Group and GameShift share a passion for performance and engagement to add value to our clients and their businesses. We both bring a strong pragmatic focus, rigorously underpinned by new thinking and techniques proven to bring about effective change.

The Oxford Group’s Leading Transformation & Engagement Practice challenges and supports senior leadership teams now and in the future by looking at organisational performance and the place of leadership in that.

In our work we often see issues that lock leaders in instead of unlocking their business opportunities. For example:

  • Fragmentation - geography, complexity, technology and even agility can make people in organisations feel disconnected, not integrated;
  • Being trapped in the moment – people focusing so much energy on the present, fire-fighting or looking over their shoulder at the competition that it stops them thinking, planning and acting for the future;
  • Uncertainty - about what the future is and could be, about what is important in the present and about what to build on from the past, all of which stops engagement and momentum;
  • Compression - of thinking, innovating, problem-solving, engagement, personal leadership, courage and fulfilment.

None of us can deliver our best performance when we are locked in. We use a tailored combination of diagnostic consultancy, executive coaching and leadership journeys to release senior leaders to deliver the value their organisations need to build successful futures in these turbulent times.

GameShift brings massive experience and expertise of working with Boards, executive teams and large groups (50-300) and specialises in provocation, catalysing collaborative strategy and participative action in a shifting world. They combine commercial experience, creative ability and outstanding facilitation expertise to deliver seismic shifts in thinking and action in both organisations and their leaders.

Elizabeth McManus, Head of Leading Transformation & Engagement at The Oxford Group, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome GameShift as our specialist partners. Their depth of expertise in large group strategy engagement and their experience working specifically at Board level, including with FTSE Top 30 companies, combine brilliantly with our existing successful global business experience in helping corporate organisations transform their leadership engagement.

We all felt that spark at once when we met and started to explore the synergy between us. We’re excited to be already bringing the magic we create together to a couple of our clients, releasing their potential to truly transform their organisations, and we are looking forward to sharing this with many more to come.”

Philippa Hardman, joint Founding Partner of GameShift, said:

“We came together to respond to an opportunity with a potential new strategic client for The Oxford Group and it was immediately clear that the relational way that we work is very similar and it felt like we’d been working together for years rather than a few days…

Since then we’ve already delivered a major large-scale process together for a global materials science company and we are currently working side-by-side delivering one of GameShift’s systems simulations into a major client of The Oxford Group to help provoke their thinking and give leadership insight.”


Further information about GameShift can be found here