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Supporting virtual teams

Supporting your leaders with managing people remotely, developing teams at a distance and coaching your talent pipeline

Organisations have recently undergone significant and rapid change. With widespread remote working becoming a reality at a much faster pace than anticipated, the need to connect and support teams in meaningful ways has grown even greater. With so much still in flux, we’re working with you to prepare for now and for ‘the new normal’ and how that will look in six or 12 months’ time.


Supporting your teams

The most important role of an employer today is to stay connected to their workforce. How are we able best connect, recognise and engage with our employees during times of uncertainty while supporting business continuity?

  • Ensure your people are feeling connected, happy and trusted
  • Communicate organisational response to rapid change
  • Being aware of mental and physical health
  • Maintaining structure and a sense of normality in the day-to-day

Where do you start?

Whether you’re a manager taking a team through a new way of working, or you’ve swiftly moved to homeworking yourself, our virtual working toolkit has essential advice and tips to help keep you productive and supported. Download our Leading and working in virtual teams toolkit today.


Managing people remotely

Whether it’s changing government regulations, a PR challenge or a health scare it is the role of HR, WHS and people leaders to keep our workforce safe and informed. Yet getting information out is easier said than done when the term ‘workplace’ could range between desk to car to couch or even the kitchen counter. How can we as employers quickly and effectively:

  • Support flexible or remote working options
  • Reach a large or geographically dispersed workforce
  • Distribute training on an as needs basis
  • Ensure our workers are safe and equipped with the tools they need

Where do you start?

Communication really is key. Make sure that your team leaders constantly feel like they know what’s going on. Communication around what’s happening at the company, with clients, and with common objectives is extremely important. When you're physically more distant, you may be emailing and messaging more, and sharing more via webinars and meetings. Our leading and working in virtual teams toolkit has some essential advice on communicating effectively while working remotely.

Need something now?

We can support your managers and leaders. Our First Line Manager development programme is designed to help your first line managers understand exactly what they need to do to become highly effective at work. We’ll cover core management skills and personal development techniques with a combination of expert content and collaboration opportunities. Our short course Leading virtual teams will help you develop skills in leading remote teams. 

Our 5 Conversations programme draws on over 30 years of insight and experience working with global leaders and managers. Interested? Read more here.


Developing your managers and leaders online

We’ve been developing managers and leaders globally for many years, and have extensive experience and expertise in delivering a consistent management approach, wherever your leaders are in the world.

Need something now?

Our virtual delivery offer includes:

Need something bespoke?

We’ve created virtual, face to face and blended delivery programmes for the world’s leading global organisations. Contact us to discuss how we can support your business with a virtual bespoke solution.

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