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Leadership Programmes

Our Leadership programmes provide powerful support to your senior staff through a variety of means including senior team facilitation, large-scale engagement, talent management, leadership development programmes and executive coaching.

Leadership, and what is asked of leaders, has changed significantly in just a few years.  Change in the external environment continues to quicken and employees rightly call for greater levels of engagement from their leaders, customers and clients to make smart, informed decisions about where to take their business.  Amid all of this, leaders need their people to be ready for the challenge ahead and be able to manage change and organizational transformation effectively.  At The Oxford Group we have hard-earned experience in understanding the operating context for leaders and provide seven core programmes:

These are available as ready-made training programmes, or can be tailored and/or combined to meet your specific needs.

Our approach to supporting leaders in a rapidly shifting and global environment, involves building capability in four critical areas, also known as the Four Circles of Leadership:

  • Leadership of Self
  • Leadership of Others
  • Leadership of the Organization
  • Leadership of the External Environment

Robin Ryde, Head of Leadership, talks about the Four Circles of Leadership

Robin Ryde, Head of Leadership, talks about the Three Fundamental Features of Leadership


In addition to this approach, we use a ‘best of all talents’ delivery model so that we can mobilise the right talents for the task in hand: we routinely bringing in topic experts from business schools, experienced practitioners, as well as consultants, trainers and facilitators.

Furthermore, with our global presence, we can deploy these talents in any of the scores of countries in which we operate.


Focuses on the challenges of leading across a global, dispersed network.

Leading Your Strategic

Focuses on how to engage with and influence the strategic environment.

Leading for Innovation
& Agility

Brings to life the latest thinking in how to nurture and foster innovation whilst managing the tensions of ‘business as usual’.

Leading Complex

Focuses on the people dimensions of change and the leader’s role as a change agent and change leader.

Leading Employee

Moves from the theory of engagement to the practice of how to do it well.

Presence & Impact

Provides practical opportunities to assess and enhance the skills and behaviours required to have real presence and impact.

Authentic & Powerful

Based on The Oxford Group’s Authentic Leadership model, this provides a practical focus on developing behaviours to enhance personal performance as a leader.



We also provide senior team facilitation and executive coaching to senior leaders.

Below is a list of our recent clients who have benefited from working with us on Leadership development. Click on the names that are underlined to read their story.

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