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First Line Manager Development

FLM development is the quickest and most effective route to driving up employee engagement, which has immediate business payback through impacting on performance, commitment, customer service, quality, innovation and change.

Our first line manager programmes combine The Oxford Group’s expertise in leadership & management development and experienced facilitators with Kineo’s award-winning elearning and the ILM’s internationally recognised accreditation.

With over 30 years’ of experience working with thousands of FLMs from companies around the world, we have developed a model for FLM development which defines the key areas that FLM programmes need to address.


Within this model, the key skills that FLMs need to develop are:

All our programmes are available in ready-made format so that they are easy and quick to implement.  We are also happy to discuss contextualising them to meet specific organisational needs.

Download our First Line Manager Development Brochure here

If you would like to talk to us about our first line manager development solutions please contact:

Nigel Purse, Director
M: +44 7721 442510