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Facilitation skills

This one-day workshop shows managers how to facilitate meetings, covering the skills required and techniques to use 

The secret to effective teams

Successful trainers, managers and team leaders know how valuable facilitation skills are to get the best from groups and individuals. But exactly what skills are required and how do you actually facilitate?

The word facilitation comes from the Latin which means to ‘make easy’. Essentially, a facilitator's job is to provide opportunities, resources, support and encouragement to a group to enable them to make progress towards a goal.

Course features

Facilitation skills is a one-day, ready-to-run short training course.

No matter how talented a team is, without effective facilitation from a trainer, manager or team leader, they will not reach their full potential. This facilitiation skills course explores the methods, tools and techniques that encourage attitudinal and behavioural change, enabling participants to make a real contribution to their organisation through others.

We measure the impact of the course through post-course evaluation, giving you confidence about the return on your investment. The relationships and learning community built between participants during the course fosters peer support, engagement and on-going personal development.

What to expect

We cover:

  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Group management – previewing and reviewing group sessions
  • The importance of non-verbal behaviour
  • Facilitating meetings – the relationship with the group and the leader
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Using the facilitation model of process, content and people
  • The role of the facilitator – knowing and adapting your personal style
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Practice sessions with focused feedback

Participants will:

  • Understand what facilitation skills are and when to use them 
  • Have clarity on the stages of team development and how this can affect team dynamics 
  • Acquire techniques to manage difficult or challenging behaviour when facilitating 
  • Be able to explain the six categories of intervention and when to use each technique 
  • Have practiced facilitating a short session and received feedback 
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Course details

Course delivery:

Facilitation skills is a one-day workshop for up to 16 participants that is led by one of our consultants in a location of your choice. The day will generally run from 9am to 5pm, with individual topics taking between 30 minutes to one hour.

Who should attend?

Managers looking to develop their facilitation skills in order to get the best out of groups and individuals.


The price for this course is £1,850. Please do speak to us about pricing in other currencies.

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