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Accelerating Talent Development

Do you know who your rising stars are?

We believe the people who have the ability, agility and motivation to be your managers and leaders of the future (often referred to as High Potential Talent) are the key to your future success. Understanding the qualities that define this group of individuals may mean different things to different organisations, but whatever your particular business needs, these are the individuals you will want to focus on.

To ensure you have the right talent in place, you need to not only identify and attract the best people but also look at how you nurture them, creating opportunities to ensure they both remain engaged and are equipped to lead and drive the changes necessary to take your organisation forwards.

We are ideally placed to take your talent development to the next stage. We work in partnership with you (through a four-stage journey) to define, identify, grow and sustain your talent at all levels in your organisation: 

The first step is to define what talent and high potential talent looks like for your organisation. We will work closely with you to look at key questions such as:

  • What key qualities do your managers and leaders need to support your business strategy over the next 5-10 years, particularly in an increasingly changing, uncertain and digital world?

  • What are the culture, knowledge and behaviours you need to foster to achieve your ambitions?

  • How strong is your leadership pipeline and to what extent does your succession planning and leadership development increase the readiness of your leadership pool?

  • How do you define potential, to ensure you identify individuals who will grow faster and further than others?

We will also challenge you to think out-of-the box so that you consider all options – a diverse workforce brings a wide variety of skills and ideas that gives businesses agility, keeping them relevant and moving forwards.

Once we have the answer to our key questions, we will then be able to translate your needs into knowledge, skills and behaviours as well as a clear selection process and criteria.

We will work with you using agreed criteria to identify internal talent to develop, highlight any capability gaps that you might have and identify talent to recruit externally. We can then support you through the recruitment process to attract talent with the skills and qualities that you need. As part of this, we design and run development and assessment centres enhanced by number of sophisticated diagnostic tools to help you find the right people who will drive your company performance.

It is not enough to simply know and acknowledge who your high potential talent are, you then need to support their personal growth and the development of the appropriate leadership culture and behaviours that will drive your business performance.

We can support you in this process with a number of solutions such as talent coaching, development centres, blended talent development programmes and dynamic learning journeys which stretch and grow the individual as well as your business.

We believe it is important to be pro-active, creative and imaginative to create opportunities to anchor learning to ensure that your talent remains engaged and progresses to the next level in your organisation. This is particularly important given that there are no longer jobs for life and people’s loyalty tends to be to their industry or job family rather than your organisation.

We support this process through follow-up talent coaching, mentoring and alumni events, as well as harnessing social learning, for example, through your LMS, to keep your future managers and leaders connected, growing and engaged to achieve your vision.