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Building Global Management Capability

Your managers are key to ensuring that all employees are working effectively together to drive company performance.

In addition to specialist knowledge of the functions of their team, all managers must master essential people and communication skills. Your managers need to be able to support and motivate their teams whilst also making sure that all activity fits with your business strategy set by your leadership team.

Some people are natural managers but most of us will need careful nurturing to fulfil our management potential. Consistent management capability across all your teams is vital for success but it isn’t always easy to ensure this, particularly when you are a global business with teams spread across many countries.

We deliver large-scale management programmes across global teams which have a sustained impact on behaviour and business performance.

How do we achieve this? 

At the start of, and throughout any training programme, we will work closely with you to understand the difference you want to achieve through the intervention. We will spend time getting to know the culture of your organisation so that our facilitators can then deliver relevant, engaging training which reflects your business and your language. 

We have a network of 180 experienced facilitators based in 28 countries across the globe. They are immersed in local culture, working practices and able to adapt to different learning styles. This allows us to guarantee you development of a consistent level of management capability across all regions.

Our facilitators are supported by international project teams who provide dedicated project management and admin support to ensure efficient co-ordination and scalable global mobilisation, whilst enabling flexibility on a regional-scale.

We provide practical, pragmatic training grounded in academic theory with a focus on applying skills and behaviours to live issues and challenges relevant to your business needs. We use an engaging mix of face-to-face workshops, virtual classrooms and e-learning to offer guided activities.

During the programmes, our facilitators foster the creation of learning networks, giving your managers the chance to discuss and apply their learning beyond the classroom and to hold one another to account.

We have a comprehensive range of solutions to suit all needs and budgets. They range from ready-made programmes aimed at various levels in the leadership pipeline to ones which are tailored to your needs. We also offer bespoke management development programmes which are created specifically for your business.

At the start of each programme we will agree objectives and deliverables with you. We link these into the evaluation stage to ensure we deliver the measurable results that you are looking for.