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Leading Transformation and Engagement

Change is a key driver for businesses that want to remain agile and relevant in today’s increasingly competitive and fractured world. Whether the reason for change is growth, innovation, restructuring or technology, it is important to build workforces that are truly engaged with the goals of your organisation.

As you face more reason to change, it is all too easy to focus on the business goals and to lose sight of the impact of these on your people. However, any changes the organisation makes will only be successful if employees buy into them and this is where the challenge lies – human nature means that we are often inclined to be resistant to change even when it is for the greater good.

It is also important not to forget the benefits of an inclusive and diverse working environment for successful transformation and engagement. A diverse workforce brings a wealth of experiences, skills and ideas which will contribute positively to your business. By actively adopting behaviours which will naturally foster an inclusive culture, your leaders will make all employees feel valued.

We take a strategic, comprehensive and future-focused approach to creating leadership behaviour and culture changes to support your business transformation and increase engagement with your people. We use a four-element model which can be used in full or in part to get you in shape as leaders to navigate now and into a future you can’t yet see or even imagine.

Our four elements

This Oxford Group diagnostic process is designed to drive clear and inspiring direction, identify the key levers for change in your environment and generate the focus and energy for action.

We use a blend of consultancy, mentoring, subject matter expertise and executive coaching to give 1:1 and team support to help your senior leaders turn your strategy into action. They will then become role models for the new leadership behaviours which are critical to the success of your organisation’s transformation.

Leaders first need to ensure that they embody the necessary leadership behavioural changes before they can lead others through the same transformative process. To facilitate this change, we take individual leaders on a bespoke journey of self-discovery using a variety of tools such as seminars, workshops, events and follow-up coaching to foster leadership ways of working which are agile, flexible and fitting with your purpose.

Our flagship programmes, including ‘5 Conversations to build trust engagement and performance at work’, have a strong track record in helping leaders identify and communicate why the organisation’s transformation is important to them and how to build trust and engagement among their teams.