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About Realise Women’s Leadership Programme

Realise is The Oxford Group’s leadership programme for women, focused specifically on the unique experiences, challenges and barriers that your aspiring and senior female leaders continue to face in organisations – often informal and implicit and always limiting organisational performance and innovation.

Our women’s leadership programme is different to ones you’ve seen before. We’ve shifted the focus away from ‘fixing women’ instead we create a trusted learning environment where barriers can be discarded, issues openly explored and new habits and responses built.

More than just a leadership programme, Realise is a catalyst for change. We involve the wider organisation in dialogue and action, raising awareness and sharing responsibility for creating more inclusive environments within which everyone can realise their potential.

Realise that more needs to change

  • For every 100 men promoted and hired to manager level, only 87 women are promoted and hired.

    McKinsey Women in the Workplace report, 2022
  • Promoting gender diversity would add $12 trillion to global growth.

    McKinsey Global Institute Report, 2020
  • Without the equal inclusion of half of the world’s talent, we will not be able to deliver on the promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for all of society.

Women hold just 31% of leadership roles globally WEF Global Gender Gap Report, 2022

Realise: A unique programme

Realise is a 12-month journey uniquely designed to sustain learning and maximise organisational impact.

Our innovative design blends together digital content, virtual or face to face live labs, social collaboration, habit changing toolkits, practice, action learning, coaching and wider organisational engagement and enquiry.


  • Leverages current research from neuroscience, leadership, inclusion and somatics combined with The Oxford Group’s 35+ years of expertise in global leadership development
  • Grounds the learning in participants’ own experience and ‘live material’ from your workplace for context and relevance

Whole person

  • Connects mind, body and emotions for transformational change – deepening self-awareness to reveal habitual patterns that may limit potential
  • Explores personal purpose, beliefs and mindset combined with a focus on practice and experimentation

Systemic and sustained

  • Uncover The Honeycomb – designed to transform organisations to become more inclusive and innovative – habit by habit, person by person
  • Builds strong and powerful networks that last long beyond the programme itself
  • Access to a habit changing toolkit of carefully curated content, tools and practices and a space to collaborate and share learning with peers and facilitators