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One of the most challenging transitions for leaders is moving from a position where your value is primarily decided by your knowledge to one that demands a wider range of skills, connections, and a change in perspective regarding the value you provide as a leader.

The hardest shift in business occurs when skilled executives are asked to oversee a bigger team. They often struggle with how to cover a wide range without striving to become an expert in every field. The transition from an expert to a spanning leader often necessitates adopting new perspective on leadership.

In this Corporate Research Forum (CRF) interview with Wanda Wallace, author of You Can’t Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise, discover how leaders can foresee and prepare for the necessary transitions as well as practical advice on what this means for leadership models and strategies for leadership development in company organisations.

Wallace clarifies a concept that few people are aware of: how to contribute as a leader to a team that is managing an expanding number of tasks and outlines the coaching paradigm she has created to manage this difficult shift. She offers advice on how to go through new roles and how to blend leadership responsibilities with one’s skills. Additionally, she provides crucial guidance on the underlying mentality adjustment that is necessary. This helpful podcast provides insights into why a company’s top performers could be suddenly struggling and provides crucial methods to help them.

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