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Leading through evolving landscapes

Economic, social and organisational environments are changing faster and more unpredictably than ever and with that, the role of leadership is evolving.

We believe that leaders will achieve results through fostering agile, flexible and innovative organisational capabilities, transforming corporate culture and empowering your leadership to inspire action.

What we bring you

We believe that powerful, experiential learning experiences are the most effective way to develop the forward-thinking and future-readiness of your leaders. Our offering includes:

Leadership journeys

We have a number of programmes designed to guide your leaders through key issues of our time such as Leading in a digital age, Realise: women’s leadership programme and Organisational transformation.


Our one-day masterclasses focus on key topics including, amongst others, Leading complex change and Executive presence & impact. They draw on the latest research to deliver powerful insights.

Bespoke solutions

We are happy to work with you to create the perfect blend of bespoke activities tailored to your needs. Tools we use include workshops, large group events, hackathons and executive coaching.

Our approach to leadership

We work with boards, CEOs, executive teams and senior leaders to enhance their performance as leaders and as leadership communities, delivering maximum value for their businesses.

We use The Oxford Group Approach to Leadership to work with your leaders to increase their capabilities in the four key dimensions of leading self, leading others, leading the organisation and leading in your environment.

We are the perfect partner for you if you are committed to transformation including:

  • Building greater leadership community capability
  • Accelerating the value of mergers and acquisitions
  • Integrating new executive and leadership teams
  • Releasing blocks to leadership performance to enhance organisational agility
  • Generating unparalleled shifts in thinking
  • Finding new ways of working that create greater innovation

Emotional Capital: The advanced evolution of emotional intelligence

We assert that emotional intelligence is the key leadership trait for the 21st century, and its advanced evolution in emotional capital is pivotal for enhanced productivity, innovation, and employee engagement. Our collaboration with RocheMartin has resulted in tools to boost Emotional Intelligence and performance for organisational leaders.

At The Oxford Group, we have a range of options to help your leaders develop emotional capital as a competitive advantage.

Realise: Women’s Leadership Programme

Realise is The Oxford Group’s leadership programme for women, focused specifically on the unique experiences, challenges and barriers that your aspiring and senior female leaders continue to face in organisations. More than just a leadership programme, Realise is a catalyst for change, involving the wider organisation in dialogue and action

Want more detail?

We have given you a taste here of how we can help you with Transformational leadership. If you would like a deeper dive into the topic then read on.

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