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Where are you? Above or Below the Line

How do we know we are managing ourselves as leaders?

What we do

We have been helping multinational companies to succeed and grow for the last 35 years. We develop the skills, behaviours and mindsets of leaders and managers to give them the tools they need to address key issues in the workplace and drive business performance. Our areas of expertise are:

Transformational leadership

Building leadership capability so your leaders can change your business to deliver strategic goals.

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Talent management

Making sure your talent strategy evolves with your business and finds the people you need for your future.

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Management capability

Developing consistent management skills throughout your global business whilst adapting to local needs.

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Executive coaching

Supporting your senior leaders, helping them meet personal and business goals, no matter how challenging.

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Ready-to-run workshops

Offering a wide range of one-day solutions that focus on key topics to develop essential management and leadership skills.

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Emotional Intelligence

In the evolving work landscape, emotional intelligence is key for effective leadership. Our tools, developed with RocheMartin, enhance EI and performance.

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Award winning

The Oxford Group way

We believe leadership matters…

We are big believers in people. The exceptional relationships we build with our clients and participants through our experiential approach to learning have a measurable impact on businesses.

We have seen first-hand the difference that our approach makes as we work with clients to first discover their needs, develop their people and drive lasting change, all of which is supported by digital excellence.

Meet the team

Our business is our people and we all have one thing in common – a passion for helping organisations like yours get the best from their people. Come and meet some of the team who live and breathe this.