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We are pleased to announce a new partnership with ExperiencePoint, a world-leading innovation capability-building company that uses a suite of digitally-driven workshops and collaborative virtual products to help organisations build the skills and conditions for innovation. For over 25 years, ExperiencePoint has been trusted by over half of the Fortune 100 to offer one-of-a-kind simulations in human-centered thinking, training people in an innovative approach that puts people at the center of everything they do.

The Oxford Group will now be offering a selection of ExperiencePoint products as part of their virtual learning experiences. The addition of Experience Point’s products will provide our clients with the opportunity to work through real innovation projects in a highly engaging simulation. In turn, clients are given a safe space and structured method to practice human-centered design, enabling them to tackle their organisation’s own innovation challenges immediately.

With the help of ExperiencePoint’s interactive products, The Oxford Group’s clients’ will now have the opportunity to learn:

  • The process, tools and techniques of human-centered design as an approach to problem-solving
  • An empathetic and user-centered approach to understanding problems and who you’re solving for, to generate innovative solutions
  • To brainstorm, refine, test and validate possible solutions that produce desired business outcomes.
  • How to immediately tackle an organization’s own pressing innovation challenges

“We are hugely excited to be partnering with ExperiencePoint to enhance our learning experiences for leaders and organizations across the globe. Creating the conditions for innovation to flourish is so critical right now, and I am certain this will add real value to our clients and their businesses.”
– Caroline Taylor, Director, Solutions, Innovation and People at The Oxford Group

“We are delighted to partner with The Oxford Group to bring human-centered experiences to support them in building innovation capabilities with their clients to create real business impact”

-Christa Yoshimoto, VP of Sales at ExperiencePoint

About ExperiencePoint: ExperiencePoint is a world-leading innovation capability-building company. We help organisations build the skills and conditions for innovation to thrive and become self-sustained. Our proven system is outcome-focused and delivers lasting business results. We immerse companies in an approach that puts customers, and their needs, at the heart of everything they do, empowering your people to be confident and creative problem solvers. Our method is simple, swift and scalable, which is why over half of the Fortune 100 has trusted us for more than 25 years. If you’re ready to innovate and change the way you work, you can start today, and we can help you run faster than you ever thought possible.

About The Oxford Group: The Oxford Group has been unlocking leadership and management potential, enabling the world’s top businesses to thrive for over 35 years. Combining our coaching, facilitative and experiential approach with specialist design capability and a focus on innovation and creativity, we develop engaging learning content, bespoke blended solutions, and products to support managers and leaders to create the conditions for success. ​With a global network of over 220 consultants and coaches across five continents speaking more than 30 languages, our solutions can be adapted for your culture, language, and context – delivering transformational learning experiences for the world’s leading organisations.