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Developing core coaching skills

The best and most effective managers are the ones who can draw out the best in their colleagues and employees.

Using coaching techniques like active listening, goal setting and focused feedback at work can enable your employees to develop more effectively. Coaching frameworks can be applied to many situations to enhance employee conversations and improve performance.


Workshop delivery

Coaching with confidence is a 3-hour workshop that can be delivered virtually or face-to-face by an expert facilitator for a group of up to 16 participants.

This ready-to-run workshop provides a thorough introduction to the skills and techniques of coaching others at work. Participants learn a coaching framework which can be used in a variety of situations, from short informal discussions to formal appraisals, and will enable participants to help others to continuously improve – as well as themselves.

We measure the impact of this workshop through an immediate evaluation, giving you confidence about the return on your investment. The relationships and learning community built between participants during the workshop fosters peer support, engagement and ongoing personal development.

What to expect

We cover

  • Contracting
  • Creating trust
  • Coaching presence
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning
  • Effective feedback
  • Creating awareness
  • Action planning

Participants will be able to

  • Understand the role and benefits of coaching in business
  • Develop skills, behaviours and confidence for successful coaching
  • Introduce a simple framework for successful coaching
  • Provide real-topic coaching practice with focused feedback
  • Understand the importance of adapting coaching styles to suit each situation
  • Build self-awareness and impact as a coach

Workshop details

Workshop delivery:

Coaching with confidence can be run either as a 3-hour virtual or face-to-face workshop for up to 16 participants.

This workshop can be extended to a full day (6 hours) by adding our 3-hour Live Lab.

Who should attend?

Managers and leaders looking to improve their coaching skills to develop themselves and others.


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