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Improve your influencing skills

Being able to motivate, persuade and engage with colleagues is essential to achieving your goals, but there is no one-size-fits-all style. Whether you need to gain support from stakeholders, inspire others or persuade people of the best course of action, how to influence people varies according to your goal and intended audience.

Asserting influence takes a range of forms and methods – and knowing how to tailor your approach to your audience is half the battle.

Workshop delivery

Influencing with impact is a 3-hour workshop that can be delivered virtually or face-to-face by an expert facilitator for a group of up to 16 participants.

Participants on this ready-to-run workshop will broaden their repertoire of influencing techniques, be clearer and more confident about the outcomes they want to achieve and be more able to understand and work with the needs of others.

We measure the impact of this workshop through an immediate evaluation, giving you confidence about the return on your investment. The relationships and learning community built between participants during the workshop fosters peer support, engagement and ongoing personal development.

What to expect

We cover

  • What is influencing?
  • Personal influencing challenges – planning to influence
  • Group action learning
  • Use of a ‘Strength deployment inventory’ as a practical tool to inform influencing strategies

Participants will be able to

  • Identify who and what to influence
  • Understand the personality preferences and needs of stakeholders
  • Appreciate that their natural style of influencing won’t fit all stakeholders
  • Understand the need to adapt and flex styles in influencing
  • Gain practice in soft skills to understand the stakeholder
  • Apply this knowledge to their own scenario

Workshop details

Workshop delivery:

Influencing with impact can be run either as a 3-hour virtual or face-to-face workshop for up to 16 participants.

This workshop can be extended to a full day (6 hours) by adding our 3-hour Live Lab.

Who should attend?

Those looking to build up their influencing techniques to motivate, persuade and engage with colleagues.


The price for this workshop is GBP 2200 / EUR 2900 / USD 4000. Subject to a minimum volume.

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