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Develop your skills to lead hybrid teams

Changing expectations, quiet quitting, multiple working practices and the increase in workload are all contributing to the challenge of leading hybrid teams in a tech-driven changing world of work. This workshop is for you if the challenges need to be tackled head on and enable you to drive and motivate your hybrid teams.

Through discussions and the sharing of best practice we will gain clarity and deeper understanding of what you can do and what your teams need when working in the changing landscape of leadership. Whilst there is no single solution to answer and define leadership in the hybrid workplace, this workshop offers you time to reflect and hear ideas on what can work to get better at defining your role, boundaries and connection when supporting others.


Workshop delivery

Leading in a hybrid world is a 3-hour workshop that can be delivered virtually or face-to-face by an expert facilitator for a group of up to 16 participants.

Managing, motivating and supporting others in the new hybrid landscape are the key themes explored in this experiential workshop, helping you to understand your place as a leader in the new world of hybrid working.

We measure the impact of this workshop through an immediate evaluation, giving you confidence about the return on your investment. The relationships and learning community built between participants during the workshop fosters peer support, engagement and ongoing personal development.

What to expect

We cover

  • Defining leadership
  • Embracing hybrid working
  • The new world of work
  • Developing trust
  • Adapting to new needs
  • Setting expectations
  • Bold conversations
  • Gaining clarity

Participants will be able to

  • Understand and act on what can be holding them back in embracing hybrid working
  • Be aware of beliefs held by themselves and others regarding the new way of working
  • Gain ideas and tools to develop and sustain trust with others
  • Understand the needs of the team working in different locations and on different platforms
  • Understand the need to set boundaries and expectations
  • Be aware of the conversations they may need to have to ensure consistent, agreed ways of working

Workshop details

Workshop delivery:

Leading in a hybrid world can be run either as a 3-hour virtual or face-to-face workshop for up to 16 participants.

This workshop can be extended to a full day (6 hours) by adding our 3-hour Live Lab.

Who should attend?

Any manager or leader who is experiencing challenges when working with hybrid teams – whether you find it hard to connect with others, are disturbed by the lack of visibility of others, or simply finding your tried and tested management skills just don’t


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