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About Connected Manager

This comprehensive programme provides the essential building blocks for management skills, embedding best practice across the organisation so that your managers can effectively deliver your business goals.

Connected Manager has been designed using the three pillars of management – managing yourself, managing your team and managing others. It combines face-to-face workshops and socially-enabled learning to hone the skills of your managers. It is suitable for all levels of management and is available in our flagship four-day format or you can tailor it for your own requirements.

The benefits of developing managers

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(SOURCE: LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2024)

This programme offers a number of benefits to your business – and a quick return on investment.

  • Increases employee engagement, which affects quality, productivity, innovation and business transformation
  • Instils a healthy culture of performance management and makes managers aware of their impact on the company’s wider goals
  • Ensures your managers are working to the same high standards across your organisation
  • Shared learning experience builds instant links between managers, improving collaboration between different business areas

Delivery options

Flagship programme

Built on the three pillars of management: managing yourself, managing your team and managing others, this four-day programme is broken down into two two-day workshops containing all the information managers need to know to be successful in their role. Participants are also given activities to work on between workshops to embed skills.

The programme covers areas such as performance management, increasing employee engagement, leading culture change and business transformation.

Participants will have access to an online portal where your managers can access useful resources and build peer communities to share experiences and discuss issues, helping consolidate learning.


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