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First line manager training programme

Developing your first line managers with the core management skills and behaviours they need to lead and succeed

First line manager training

First line managers have a huge impact on organisational culture, employee engagement, productivity and performance. The role of a First line manager is to link senior leadership to the front line.

However, these individuals are often promoted into management positions due to exceptional performance in technical roles - without a track record of managing people.

  • Almost 8 in 10 employees are promoted into a management position without any management training
  • 69% of managers feel unprepared for the changing workplace
  • 38% of employers cite a lack of leadership and management skills as their biggest skills challenge

About our first line manager development programme

This intensive two day course is designed to help your first line managers understand exactly what they need to do to become highly effective at work. We’ll cover core management skills and personal development techniques such as:

  • Management styles
  • Building high performance
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Setting goals
  • Delegation
  • Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Coaching skills
  • Communication Skills

How we do it

  • Self-assessment and background reading to prepare for the workshops
  • Two day first line manager workshop (face to face or virtually delivered) on core management areas.
  • Embedding the learning through action planning and peer coaching

Who’s right for this training course?

  • Managers new to management completely
  • Those taking on larger teams and responsibilities
  • Experienced managers or team leaders who have never received formal training


UK: 4,200 GBP

Mainland Europe: (inc Russia) 5,500 EUR

Rest of world: 8,500 USD

Max participants: 16

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Start the conversation

Get in touch to discuss more about our First line manager training programme