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5 Conversations webinar series.

Our 5 Conversations approach draws on over 35 years of insight and experience working with global leaders and managers. We know exactly what conversations to have to drive better engagement and build trust across your business. Discover our 5 Conversations webinar series – How to transform trust, engagement, and performance at work.

If you are an HR / L&D leader looking for a proven toolkit to help your people managers develop psychological safety and engagement in your organisation.


A leader wants to get the best from your people.

Learn more from our on-demand, five-part webinar series where we will share each of the conversations and discuss how you can use them to transform, trust engagement and performance with your people and across your organisations.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 1 – Establishing a trusting relationship. This conversation matters because as a leader, having trusting relationships with people who for you, or with you is at the heart of getting things done. When trust exists in a relationship, we are open to ideas, possibilities and collaborations. We will share the conscious steps you can take to establish (or evolve) a deeper and more trusting relationship with key members of your team, and other key colleagues and stakeholders.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 2 – Agreeing mutual expectations. This conversation matters because in today’s world of work we are all mutually dependent. This conversation is therefore fundamentally about agreeing a motivating two-way contract of mutual support between two people at work that are mutually dependent for success in achieving their goals. We share our approach for sharing not just what we are seeking at work, but why it matters and then being clear on the expectations we can hold of colleagues in supporting these outcomes.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 3 – Showing genuine appreciation. This conversation matters because we know people need to feel valued at work in order to give their best. This conversation is about focusing on what people are doing well at work and where they are being really successful. It’s about exploring the situation with them, to understand how they are being successful and exploring the potential to make more of these strengths and talents at work with impact.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 4 – Challenging unhelpful behaviour. This conversation matters because we have all seen the consequences when unhelpful behaviour goes unchallenged. Resentment grows, relationships deteriorate and soon quality, service and performance suffer. This conversation is about having the courage, insights and resources to face up to another person’s unhelpful behaviour in such a way that you achieve a positive outcome for everyone involved and emerge from the process with positive, even reinforced and deeper, trusting relationships.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 5 – Building for the future. This conversation matters because it takes you beyond the immediate pay rise and promotion desires of your people and helps you to gain insights into the nature of the role, responsibilities and future desires to enable them to move towards their future goal. This conversation regularly opens up insight and discussion that as a leader you may not have expected and creates opportunities for you harness the motivation and desires of your people in their current role that may serve their future desire.