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In the midst of the challenges, chaos and uncertainty of COVID19, The Oxford Group has been privileged to bear witness to the courage, authenticity and resourcefulness of our clients and partners as they seek to find ways of being and doing in a world that is unexpected and uncertain.

One particular forum we commenced, at the height of the pandemic in spring 2020, was a series of Open Minds sessions dedicated to HR and L&D Leaders. The invitation has been to create a space to take time amongst peers so that insights, fears, experience and ideas are shared.

As an organisation dedicated to exploring and learning it seems important to step back, to capture and to share some of the themes that have emerged from these sessions, our wider clients, our consultants and academic articles that will provide insights as we all consider build for the future.

The key themes that emerged are:

  • A return to what is essential
  • Organisational transformation
  • Strategic HR and L&D focus
  • Learning and growth
  • Sustainable leadership

To learn more – Open Minds White Paper- Shifting Horizons in a new world:

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