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A practical guide to managing hybrid teams

The Oxford Group

12 October 2021

Hybrid working, where teams work either on site, virtually or some combination of both isn’t new for some organisations. But the scale of change has brought a layer of disruption and uncertainty most have not experienced before.

Managers have some fundamental concerns, such as:

1. How do you build/maintain trust in your team?
2. How do you ensure you're inclusive?
3. How do you on-board somebody new?
4. How do you project a vision?
5. How do people learn on the job?
6. How do you manage performance remotely?
7. How do you navigate change?
8. How do you create the right company atmosphere?

Here at The Oxford Group we have cut through the noise to support managers with the practical tools to help them to manage hybrid teams.

To learn more download the “practical guide for managing hybrid teams”.