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In shifting climates, being confident and capable of leading and working through change is essential. We can help support your leaders and their teams to develop resilience, lead through ambiguity and adapt their development plans for a new world of work

Supporting teams through ambiguity

Through this period of immense change and uncertainty in our working lives, organisations need to support their staff and their leaders. You want teams to feel confident, have clarity (or as much as you can offer) and feel supported. Some challenges you may be currently facing include:

  • Supporting your teams’ wellbeing through periods of uncertainty
  • Establishing clear communication channels
  • Outlining a clear strategy for the situation and the future

Where do you start?

Whether you’re a manager taking a team through a new way of working, or you’ve swiftly moved to homeworking yourself, our virtual working toolkit has essential advice and tips to help keep you productive and supported. Download the toolkit here. Want something more interactive? Join our interactive workshop session on Dealing with AmbiguitySave your spot today.

Need something now?

Being comfortable and confident in times of change and uncertainty is a skill that will pay off many times over for managers. Dealing with change makes many uncomfortable – but there are tools, techniques and approaches you can use to become more confident when dealing with ambiguity. Discover our short course on Dealing with Ambiguity.

Working remotely, clear and effective communication becomes even more important for teams to function effectively. Our 5 Conversations programme draws on over 35 years of insight and experience working with global leaders and managers. We know exactly what conversations to have to drive better engagement and build trust across your business.

Scaling up (& down) to meet business demands

With rapid change in demand for your workforce as the market responds to immediate needs, how do you adapt at a moment’s notice? Some challenges you could be facing include:

  • Keeping up with the volume of change
  • Workers seconded to support another department
  • Need to roll out a new system quickly

Where do you start?

First, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. While your business may be suffering loss in some areas, are there other departments that are shouting for help? Could some skills be adapted across to support in the short term? Some employees may welcome the opportunity to try something different, just be sure they have the resources available to support them.

Need something now?

Online training plays a critical role in enabling organisations to help their employees succeed. We are helping hundreds of organisations to choose not only the right tools but ones that can be deployed now. From setting up a platform to deliver training to every individual, through to providing or building the digital learning they need, we’re here to help.  Get in touch today.