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Measure and develop Emotional Capital

RocheMartin Emotional Capital Reports (ECRs) represent an innovation in the measurement of Emotional Intelligence and the building blocks scientifically linked to leadership behaviours.

The ECR is underpinned by an analysis of 142+ scientific papers and the largest normative sample of more than 180,000 profiles of the highest performing leaders.

The use of the ECR has been proven to significantly improve a person’s self-awareness of this fundamental element of human behaviour.

The Emotional Capital Report is available as the ECR Self (a self-assessment) and the ECR 360 (including multi-rater feedback). This tool will enable your leaders to understand how emotions shape their thoughts and actions in order to gain greater control over their behaviour and performance as a leader.

ECR Self

The ECR Self provides an emotional intelligence score based on 10 leadership competencies using a global scientific measure. In just 15 minutes, the ECR delivers scores on the 10 Emotional Intelligence skills that research has found to be linked to professional performance.

  • The ECR Self provides narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with each score.
  • Coaching strategies for developing greater emotional intelligence and leadership abilities.
  • An action plan to design a personal blueprint to build emotional capital.
  • An 60-minute debrief and coaching session from an accredited ECR facilitator.

ECR 360

Our ECR 360 Multi-Rater Report uses a broader evaluation methodology to give a more rounded view of performance, making it ideal for leadership development programmes, executive coaching, and personal development.

  • Understand the differences in perception by combining responses from chosen raters and compare these scores to ‘self’ scores.
  • View detailed responses from raters via a verbatim section containing open-ended questions.
  • Receive tailored coaching strategies for improving performance based on the examination of particular factors where Self scores and Rater scores are significantly different.
  • A 60-minute debrief and coaching session from an accredited ECR facilitator.

10 key competencies of EI leaders

Inner focus

Helping individuals recognise and control their own emotional challenges and communicating openly


being able to recognise how your feelings impact on your opinions, attitudes and judgments


being able to control your emotions and show restraint until you have had the time and space to think in a detached and rational manner


being able to accept and respect yourself as you are


being able to plan, make decisions and take responsibility with relative comfort and ease (not needing others to verify your actions)

Other focus

Enhancing your capacity to influence others through positive interpersonal relationships



Being aware of, understanding and appreciating the thoughts and feelings of others

Relationship skills


Being able to build collaborative, positive relationships where both parties benefit



Being able to communicate feelings, thoughts and beliefs in a clear, open manner

Outer focus

Enabling us to respond creatively and effectively, rather than defensively



Being able to sense opportunities and focus on what can be achieved and bounce back quickly from setbacks



Being able to manage emotional energy in order to maintain an enthusiastic commitment to long-term goals



Being able to communicate feelings, thoughts and beliefs in a clear, open manner


The ECR report is available in a broad range of languages, giving participants the capacity to benefit from RocheMartin’s
expertise wherever they are in the world.


Pricing is based on a minimum number of participants and includes a 60min debrief from a RocheMartin ECR accredited facilitator.

Please get in touch with us for pricing.

Although we would advise an ECR to include a debrief, the survey and report are designed to be easily read by respondents. Consequently, you may use this as a standalone report and embed it into an existing solution.

Please get in touch with us for pricing.

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