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The world of work is changing rapidly

New technological innovations and globalised markets are reshaping the very nature of work itself. In an often multi-generational work setting coupled with an evolving landscape, effective leadership is more critical than ever as we continue to see new technologies shape how we live our lives.

As the nature of work continues to evolve, the importance of emotional intelligence is likely to become even more pronounced. Leaders who manage their emotions and build strong relationships with their teams will be better positioned to adapt to changing circumstances and drive success in an increasingly complex and unpredictable business landscape.

As such, we believe that emotional intelligence is re-emerging as the key leadership trait for the 21st century. Further, we believe that the advanced evolution of emotional intelligence in emotional capital holds the key to increased productivity, innovation and higher levels of employee engagement.

Our work with leading global Emotional Intelligence experts RocheMartin has lead to us developing a suite of tools to help leaders in organisations improve Emotional Intelligence and performance.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) involves two parts. First, the ability to recognize and understand our own emotions and the emotions of others, and how they support behaviour. And second, the ability to regulate our own emotions effectively, and manage the emotions of others to solve problems and create valued outcomes. I refer to this as ‘emotional capital.’

Dr Martyn Newman

At The Oxford Group, we have a range of options below to help your leaders develop emotional capital as a competitive advantage

Emotional Capital Programme

We believe that Emotional Capital, as an advanced evolution of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, is the toolkit every leader needs to successfully demonstrate their Emotional Intelligence and drive the best possible performance, from both themselves and those around them.

Embedding Emotional Capital into your leadership programmes

Emotional Capital is the value created by the positive morale, engagement and commitment to the brand demonstrated by employees and customers. Emotional Capital is the framework The Oxford Group use for identifying, developing and assessing the essential competencies leaders need in order to demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence and is built on over 30 years of peer-reviewed scientific research.

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The advanced evolution of emotional intelligence for leaders

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