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We are excited to announce the launch of Realise, our Women’s Leadership programme – a uniquely designed development journey for women leaders and an opportunity to transform your organisation.

In the face of ongoing barriers to progression within organisations, often informal and implicit, Realise focuses on the unique experiences, challenges and barriers that women continue to face in organisations.

We can see from the 2020 WEF Global Gender Gap Report that Women hold just 34% of managerial positions globally. Women continue to be under-represented in positions of leadership, power and responsibility across industry sectors and countries despite the evidence that organisations perform better when women are equally represented.

“The evidence is compelling, and change is happening but there is a risk of slipping back if we don’t maintain focus, particularly post-pandemic. Despite the best efforts of many organizations to help women develop and reach the highest levels in their structures, the number of women in key leadership positions remains low and continues to be a major concern for many of our clients” says Olivier Herold, CEO the Oxford Group.

Hence why we’re passionate about this topic and why we created Realise – our women’s leadership programme.

Realise is a little different. We have shifted the focus away from ‘fixing women’ to fit into existing, and often outdated, organisational systems. Instead we create a trusted learning environment where social conditioning is broken down, barriers can be discarded, issues openly explored and new habits and responses built.

Caroline Taylor, Director, Client Solutions and Innovation at The Oxford Group comments:

“Of course as leaders we all need to develop, irrespective of gender, and this programme creates a trusting environment to do just that in a deep and transformational way. Realise, however, is more than a leadership programme – it’s a catalyst for change. By involving the wider organisation in dialogue and action alongside the women, we raise awareness and a sharing of responsibility for creating more inclusive environments within which everyone can flourish.”

Realise is a 12-month journey uniquely designed to sustain learning and maximise organisational impact.

Our innovative design blends together digital content, virtual or face to face live labs, social collaboration, habit changing toolkits, practice, action learning, coaching and wider organisational engagement and enquiry.

Caroline, continues:

“Leveraging current research, combined with The Oxford Group’s 35+ years of expertise in global leadership development, participants’ own experiences, and our unique habit changing toolkit, this programme will enable you to realise your organisation’s potential.”

For further details please click to visit our Realise: Women’s Leadership Programme page.