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Managing change

In today’s climate of global instability, change is a fact of working life. This blended short course gives leaders and managers the tools they need to deal with change.

Mastering change management

It is well-known that organisations with the agility to embrace and respond to change are the most successful.

Well-managed change improves organisational performance by promoting creativity, innovation and problem-solving as well as improving talent retention and utilisation. On the other hand, change can be unsettling for employees causing uncertainty, ambiguity, tension and anxiety if not handled properly.

First line managers have the widest touchpoint within an organisation and are often listened to more than senior leadership teams. Our Managing change course will give your managers the skills and tools they need to effectively manage change and deliver business goals.

Course features

Managing change is a ready-to-run, short training course that is delivered in three modules.

Modules one and three - elearning

We start with four key models and theories of change to provide a sound understanding of the context of managing change and available tools. This knowledge will then be used and applied in the face-to-face workshop.

Further elearning after the workshop revisits key models and tools to manage change, supporting participants and helping to embed learning from the programme.

Delivered on our social learning platform, participants can engage with the content and each other, developing networks and driving conversations around change. Participants can access the elearning on their laptops, phones or tablets allowing them to fit learning into their busy schedules.

Module two - face-to-face workshop

Facilitated by change experts, this workshop focuses on the practical application of managing change.

Our consultants all have extensive business experience and have personally managed organisational change so they can advise and guide participants based on both knowledge of the theory and real-life experience.

Participants are required to bring their own work issues to the workshop so that they can see the theory and models applied to relevant topics, get constructive support and build action plans .

The relationships and learning community built between participants during the course fosters peer support, engagement and on-going personal development.

We will measure the impact of the course through post-course evaluation and an impact report giving you confidence about the return on your investment.

What to expect

We cover:

  • Four key models and theories of change and how these apply to real-life scenarios
  • The emotional and physical reactions evoked by change
  • How to support your people through change and minimise the negative impact of it
  • How to frame change messages so that they engage others
  • Identifying change agents and change sponsors and developing an action plan to influence them effectively

Delegates will be able to:

  • Apply proven techniques, toolkits and models to real-life challenges and bring about effective change
  • Lead their team members through change, empowering them and making them feel safe to contribute and challenge where necessary
  • Deliver and harness the positivity of change and minimise the negative we so often associate with change
  • Engage their team with the business’ strategic direction

Course details

Course delivery:

This course is delivered as two modules:

  • Modules one and three - elearning materials
    Accessed via our digital social learning platform.
  • Module two – one-day face-to-face workshop
    Facilitated by one of our consultants for up to sixteen delegates at a location of your choice.

Who should attend?

Any managers who will be leading teams as their team or organisation goes through change.


The price for this course is £3800. Please do speak to us about pricing in other currencies.

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