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Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 1

Building and maintaining a strong, trusting relationship among colleagues is crucial for the success of any workplace. This involves promoting open and honest communication, being consistent and accountable, showing empathy and respect. When these elements are prioritised by leaders, a positive work environment is fostered, encouraging collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.

It’s important to note that trust is not something that can be achieved instantly; it requires ongoing effort and attention. However, by placing trust as a priority in the workplace, leaders can create an organisation that thrives and benefits everyone involved.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 1 – Establishing a trusting relationship. This conversation matters because as a leader, having trusting relationships with people who work for you, or with you is at the heart of getting things done. When trust exists in a relationship, we are open to ideas, possibilities and collaborations. We will share the conscious steps you can take to establish (or evolve) a deeper and more trusting relationship with key members of your team, and other key colleagues and stakeholders.

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Our popular 5 Conversations programme draws on over 35 years of insight and experience to look at how authentic two-way human conversations build relationships, trust and engagement at work.

Engaged employees are more productive, drive innovation forwards and are more loyal to your organisation making 5 Conversations a key tool to drive business performance.

We have recently updated the 5 Conversations programme and book to include:

Regardless of whether you have attended a 5 Conversations workshop, the book serves as a valuable resource for independently exploring and practicing its concepts. It explores the significance of each conversation, provides guidance on initiating them, offers sample dialogues, and presents a structured approach. Experience the first two chapters of the book to gain a preview of what lies ahead and what you can anticipate.