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Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 5 – Building for the future

Building for the future is an essential aspect of every organisation, and it requires a concerted effort from both line managers and their direct reports. The process of building for the future requires that both parties work together in a collaborative and constructive manner to identify key areas of focus and to develop plans that will help to achieve the desired outcomes.

One of the key aspects of building for the future is the need to establish clear goals and objectives. Line managers and their direct reports should work together to identify the goals that need to be achieved and to establish a timeline for their attainment. This process requires both parties to be clear and transparent about their expectations and to ensure that they are aligned with the broader organisational objectives.

Building for the future also requires a focus on developing a strong team culture. Line managers and their direct reports should work together to establish a strong team culture that is focused on collaboration, respect, and support. This may involve a range of activities, including team-building exercises, recognition and reward programs, and the development of clear values and principles that guide the team’s behaviour.

Get to know 5 Conversations – Conversation 5 – Building for the future. This conversation matters because it takes you beyond the immediate pay rise and promotion desires of your people. It helps you to gain insights into the nature of the role, responsibilities and future desires to enable them to move towards their goal. This conversation regularly opens up insight and discussion that as a leader you may not have expected and creates opportunities for you to harness the motivation and desires of your people in their current role that may serve them well in the future.

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We have recently updated the 5 Conversations programme and book to include:

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